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We have revamped the program for our Elite Camp specifically for players who want to train at a high and intense level. It will only be offered for a few weeks over the summer to give our select, rep, and elite campers an alternative skill development environment. The Elite camp will be run by high level instructors with college and professional experience. Campers should expect an intense training session providing them with high quality instruction in a challenging and exciting environment.

This camp will differ from our other camp locations in that it is only offered for competitive level players ages 12-15. It will be a serious environment with a high level warm up and challenging and drills. During scrimmages/live games instructors will coach the players, analyze plays, and develop game strategies with the players. The Elite Camp will be a great opportunity for players and teammates to prepare for the season; where certain weeks are offered to prepare for playoffs and OBAs.



Elite Camp Details

FOD Elite Baseball has teamed up with former NCAA Baseball player, and current sports performance and vision trainer, Chris Fafalios to create a one of a kind elite training program focused on improving every aspect of the game. This camp is for players who are serious about taking their game to the next level, and for those with the passion and work ethic to improve every day!

FOD’s Elite Hitting, Fielding, and Fundamentals Training Camp will focus on the following:

– Increased bat speed

– Keeping the barrel in the hitting zone as consistently and effectively as possible

– Driving the baseball to all areas of the field

– Quicker reactions and smarter approaches at the plate

– Footwork at all positions

– Proper routes to the ball, and getting to the ball quicker, at all positions

– Base running techniques to be quicker and smarter on the bases

– Mental fortitude and toughness

Program Structure

We will be using neurocognitive technology on Day 1 to assess and test players’ speed, agility (position specific), hitting exit velocity, and much more, to give us a strong base to work with throughout the rest of the week. Days 2, 3, 4 and parts of 5 will focus on elite level training and drills designed to make the athlete stronger, faster and smarter at their position and at the plate. We will then reassess the players on Day 5 to see improvements and consistencies and help design an individual plan for each player to continue their development.

The skills, fundamentals, and knowledge learned at this camp will incorporate lots of new and unique concepts that will captivate the player and give them a new perspective on skill development

FitLights and Neurocognitive Technology

Through use of FitLights technology in our program we will be focusing on improving visual and neurocognitive skills by tracking individual responses to messages, stimuli and visuals using their body, brain, and eyes. This applies to both the offensive and defensive side of the game.

For example, from a hitter’s perspective the messages, stimuli, and visuals is a combination of watching the pitcher, watching the ball out of the hand, tracking it to the plate, processing what kind of pitch it is, the location of where it is, if it’s a strike or a ball, and the decision of whether to swing or not. The neurocognitive technology gives athletes the opportunity to decrease their reaction or processing time to react as quickly as possible. If the reaction time decreases, the athletes processing speed increases and allows the them to see, process, and react to the pitch faster, resulting in quicker decision making. On average, a pitch is released from a pitcher’s hand and hits the catcher’s glove in 0.4 seconds, so our goal is to stretch that 0.4 seconds of reaction time, and ‘slow it down.’ Through use of the neurocognitiive equipment and drills, the players are going to be much stronger mentally at the plate. The same applies to the defensive side of the game, judging the ball off the bat, getting a good jump, taking the best route to the baseball as quickly as you can (infield or outfield), it’s the same concept that will be focused on and developed at the camp.

Through a combination of the technology and wide variety of drills throughout the week, the players will become stronger, more agile and smarter, improving their skills in all of the sport’s fundamentals.

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