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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel our regular summer camp programs. In place of our regular summer camp where we would have 60+ people on the field at a time in very close proximity to one another, we will be offering smaller programs for children this summer as a way of prioritizing safety, but not compromising on fun! Everybody has been affected so much by the pandemic this year, so we are thrilled to offer these programs that will put smiles on our participants faces, and ease parents minds, by providing exciting programs focusing on skill-development, in a safe environment.

Although our programs will enforce physical distancing, we will still be able to create the incredible FOD experience! Additionally, our Backyard Baseball Programs and Summer Clinics will bring everybody together socially with exciting virtual engagements all summer, as well as competitions and awards at the end of each week that will make everyone feel like they are back at camp. All of our Backyard and clinic participants will compete in competitions against other backyard and clinic groups with winners and awards announced virtually at the end of each week! At the end of the summer, everyone will also be sent a large group “social distancing” photo which will include everyone who has attended any of our programs  through out the summer!


At FOD we prioritize safety for our staff and participants. Due to the ongoing pandemic it is impossible to run our regular camp programs, so we have created backyard (or front yard) baseball programs special for this summer, where we bring the fun and skill development to YOU! This will cater to children ages 4-12. For parents who have to work during the day at home and want to keep their kids busy, having fun, enjoying the weather and working on their baseball skills with their favourite FOD counsellors, our Backyard Baseball program is your answer!

We come to you with all the equipment required to run a fun skill-development program based on your child’s age and skill level (you must have a glove, bat and helmet). We have modified equipment for young players starting at age 4 who want to learn the game, as well as children ages 12 who want to train at the elite level, and everything in between! Regardless of age, skill level, and ability, we have the equipment, program, and staff to deliver an amazing program right in the comfort of your own back or front yard!

We will run backyard our backyard baseball programs for 1-5 participants. One family may want to host it and have friends or family from other households join, to a maximum of 5 participants. Everyone participating will need to sign waivers and provide medical information at registration. Physical distancing between participants will be enforced unless it is family from the same house or the children are part of the same 10-person social bubble. Our instructor will always be physically distancing and wear a face covering. Here are the safety measures we will be taking for our Backyard Baseball Program as of June 20, 2020 (measures subject to change as the pandemic continues to evolve):

  • Staff will sanitize all equipment being used prior to the session beginning
  • Everyone involved in the program will sanitize their hands right before the program begins, and then every 30 minutes after that.
  • Physical distancing measures will be enforced between children unless all children are from the same house or social bubble
  • Parents and staff must sign a waiver at the beginning of each week confirming that:
    • No one from the house has travelled in the past 14 days
    • No one in the house is feeling ill
    • The participants do not feel any of the following symptoms: shortness of breath, sore throat, fever
  • If any of the participants feel symptoms they will not be allowed to participate. If the instructor feels any symptoms they will be replaced for the remainder of the week and their symptoms will be monitored
  • Staff will wear face covering at all times and be physically distant unless there is an emergency
  • There will be no sharing of food or drinks during the duration of the program
  • All participants and staff will be temperature checked daily

Our Backyard Baseball Programs will run for 2 hours each day, in a week-long session. Choose between our morning time slot, 10am – 12pm, or our afternoon time slot, 1:30-3:30pm.

The price for one week of our Backyard Baseball Program is $800 for up to 4 kids, or $900 for up to 5 kids if space permits. All weeks in the summer are available all over the GTA!

Price includes training equipment, private instructor for the week, special edition FOD t-shirt for all participants, access to all of our virtual engagements throughout the summer (special guests, virtual special events, drills, award ceremonies, etc), competitions between other “backyard programs” and a social distancing large group photo at the end of the summer.


Our Summer Day Clinics aims to recreate the “FOD Experience” in a safe environment. We will offering weekly small group baseball clinics. The clinics will enforce physical distancing and work on all the skills of the game. Participants will be assigned a group of 4 for the week, and rotate with their group through 3 stations each day, where each station will be run by a specialized instructor. There will be a maximum of 12 participants per session and groups will never mix. Participants register individually but may request who they would like to be in a group with. This is also the perfect option for teams who want to get some great training in a safe environment! Note that registrations are done individually, you do not need to have a group of 4 (participants will be placed in groups of 4).

Additional Information

*Each summer day clinic will be a week-long session and run for 90 minute each day (9:30am, 11:45am, 2:30pm). Please be aware, if a session does not fill up and we need to cancel, we will be combining time-slots

*There will be 3 specialized instructors running the 3 stations (stations will vary each day and focus on fielding, throwing, pitching and hitting), as well a Director on site enforcing safety at all times

*Groups of 4 will never mix and can be requested (if the group of 4 are in the same family or social bubble, they will not be required to physically distance themselves, but will be required to be physically distanced from the instructors and other groups)

*Every participant will receive a special edition 10th anniversary FOD black and gold t-shirt

*Every Friday will be a day of competitions, where groups will compete against each other (physically distancing themselves), as well as all the other groups in each of the clinics and results of the competition will be broadcasted live every Friday evening

*All registrations will include access to all of our virtual engagements throughout the entire summer (special guests, special events, drills posted, quizzes, challenges, etc.)

Safety Protocols in Place:

  • *Staff will be maintaining physical distancing unless there is an emergency
  • *Participants will be maintaining physical distancing from other groups and within their own group (unless participants from the same family or social bubble)
  • *All staff and participants will have their temperature tested before being allowed to check in with their group (a thermal thermometer will be used so there will be no contact). A quick visual assessment of the participant and staff will also be completed. Upon passing the health check, the participant will be required to sanitize their hands before checking in with their group.
  • *All staff and participants will sign a waiver at the beginning of each week confirming that:
    • *No one from the house has travelled in the past 14 days
    • *No one in the house is feeling ill
    • *They do not feel any of the following symptoms: shortness of breath, sore throat, fever
    • *If any of the participants or staff feel symptoms at any point in the week, they will not be allowed to participate
  • *Hands will be sanitized by participants and staff after each rotation
  • *There will be no food, gum, or seeds allowed during the clinic
  • *Staff will wear face coverings at all times
  • *Equipment will be washed and sanitized between clinics
  • *Drop off and pick up will be physical distancing, and there will be designated spots for each group to check in/out


Please note that the small group participants and clinics dates and locations depends on permit availability. The following is a draft schedule and may be subject to change based on permit eligibility only:

WEEK 1 – JULY 6-10 Thornhill Park
WEEK 2 – JULY 13-17 Thornhill Park 
WEEK 3 – JULY 20-24 Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
WEEK 4 – JULY 27-31 Thornhill Park
WEEK 5 – AUGUST 3-7 Thornhill Park
WEEK 6 – AUGUST 10-14 Lambert Wilson Park (Aurora)
WEEK 7 – AUGUST 17-21 Thornhill Park