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This year has been a struggle! Those of you who know me know that I put my heart and soul into running Field of Dreams Baseball Camp, and the thought of not being able to operate this year put knots in my stomach. For as much as this camp means to me, I know that it means even more to your kids. 

When the Premier announced last month that he wanted to see summer camps running we were over the moon! There were no concrete plans announced, but we were holding out hope that with a little ingenuity we could figure out a way to make this work.

It wasn’t easy. 

Our commitment at Field of Dreams is to keep your children safe, and that has been especially important during COVID. We’ve spent most of this year planning for a safe return to camp, hiring extra coaches, buying appropriate PPE, and procuring all of the extra equipment to make sure that we could run a healthy and safe summer. Even still, we had an incredibly challenging battle with the City of Vaughan trying to straighten out the permits that we need to run our camp safely. After weeks of back and forth and coordinating all of our logistics, we just got confirmation THIS MORNING that…


We could NOT be more excited to be back up and running. Many camps that usually host children were unable to obtain permits at all this summer, so this is a huge milestone and an opportunity that we are not taking for granted!

There are a few important changes that we want to tell you about.

First, we’ve had to combine our Thornhill and Vaughan camps, and move our Thornhill location to Tudor Park for this summer. It’s not as close geographically and we apologize, but Tudor Park was our only option from the City to be able to run camp this summer. It is a great facility with multiple fields that will allow us to spread out safely. Tudor Park is at 313-111 Jacob Keffer Parkway in Concord. It’s located on Keele between Langstaff and Rutherford Roads, and we’ve included the map below for reference. 

Campers are going to be split into small groups of approximately 10 campers. Each group will have their own designated tent for snack, lunch, water breaks, sign in and sign out, and to protect us from the rain. We will be operating completely outdoors this year, which was the arrangement that we needed to make with the City of Vaughan, so there will be no indoor activities. In case of severe weather we may have to cancel a day of camp, or email early and ask you to come pick up your children. 

While we are grateful for your flexibility, our COVID-19 protocols are super strict. Please review our 2021 Field of Dreams Baseball Camp Covid 19 Guidelines. We will be expecting all of our staff, parents, and children to follow them at all times in order to keep our camp running safely all summer. 

You’ll receive an email a week before each camp session starts with all of the specific info that you’ll need including the sign in and sign out procedures, what your child needs to bring, what they can expect for the week (and any special events that we have planned), the colour of your check-in tent, and anything else that you need to know. If you have any questions before then please do not hesitate to reach out at any time – we would be happy to help. 

In the meantime stay safe, stay healthy, stay cool in the heat, and we cannot wait to see your smiling faces on July 5th.


Play Ball,


Jennifer Stitt

Camp Owner

Field of Dreams Baseball Camp Inc.

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